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Mission Statement

What We’re All About

We believe that the home environment is the primary source of growth, formation, and education of its members.  SCDC is an extension of, as well as a resource for this primary unit, the family.

It is the mission of SCDC to provide an environment geared to nurture the growth and learning initiated in the family experience.  The Center's philosophy, environment and program are built around the following goals for children in our care:

  • Develop a sense of self-worth through trusting in his/her abilities to make choices and decisions.

  • Become capable of new and creative ideas through critical thinking that can verify and validate information for him/herself.

  • Develop a sense of happiness about growing and learning through a fun, exciting and non-stressful experience.

  • Become aware of a variety of hi/her gifts and abilities through building confidence in physical, perceptual, emotional, spiritual, intellectual and social strengths and skills.

  • To grow in ones' ability to be sensitive and supportive of each other and be able to communicate feelings through interacting with both children and adults.

Diverse Kindergarten
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