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The Best Start for Kids!

In the late spring of 1997, Danielle Greger started at Spokane Child Development Center in Ms. Yvette's (and Ms. Vicki's) toddler class as a peer model. She was barely one year old and already on the path to her future career. Ms. Yvette remembers this about Danielle: "You used to build things with blocks, give the best hugs and loved playing dress-up. Look at you now!"

Danielle continued at SCDC through her elementary years and then returned as a volunteer at age 13 and continued through her high school years. Her natural ability with children has been enjoyed by hundreds as she laughed and played and patted backs to sleep. At age 18, she was officially employed by SCDC.

After High School, Danielle enrolled at WSU. She continued to return to Spokane and our center as often as possible and worked through many of her school breaks. After two years in Pullman, her classes moved to the WSU Spokane campus and she moved back to Spokane to complete her degree in Speech and Hearing Sciences. Because she was closer, she worked regularly at SCDC, assisting teachers, working the front desk and building relationships with children.

After graduation, she applied for and was accepted into the Speech and Hearing Sciences masters program through WSU. Today, she graduates as Danielle Greger, M.S., CF-SLP, a speech and language pathologist. We are so proud of Danielle and have delighted in following her journey from a cute toddler peer model for speech to one of the newest speech/language pathologists in the area!

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