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Did you know we use “The Creative Curriculum® in our classrooms? This is a whole-child approach to early education and includes math and literacy skills along with social-emotional, physical and cognitive skills.

Creative Curriculum® follows a daily schedule that includes a variety of Questions of the Day, Large and Small group activities, Read-Aloud stories and Mighty Minutes. Mighty Minutes is a collection of playful songs, chants, games and activities that build connection with teachers and classmates.

Currently, our preschool classrooms are using The Pet Study from Creative Curriculum®. With this study, the classroom will talk about the pets they have at home or pets they know from friends and relatives. Pet shops and veterinary areas are set up in classrooms where children can play and increase their knowledge through reflecting on and using information they’ve gained in small group activities. Teachers will do focused moments on the differences between wild, domesticated and pretend animals, along with reading engaging stories about pets.

You may also see some of these studies in the classroom: Getting to know our class Study, Ball Study, Music Study, Tree Study and an Exercise Study.

We are also using Creative Curriculum in our toddler programs. For toddlers, this is based on their routines and needs. Teachers coach through Hello’s and Goodbyes, eating and mealtimes and toileting, individualizing for each child’s needs.

The Creative Curriculum® encourages connections with families. We believe that families are the core to all we do in the classroom. Often, we share with you things that you can do at home to build on the studies we are doing in the classroom. We ask you to help us understand your child’s interests, strengths and needs so that we can create the connections children need to continue to develop.

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